Cleaner Healthcare and Environmental Surface Solutions (CHESS)

Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates’ CHESS Division provides expertise around healthcare technologies that promote evidence-based programs for reducing healthcare-acquired infections.

Our consulting services focus on assisting decision-makers in healthcare, educational, lodging and hospitality, fitness and government facilities; and in evaluating and specifying cost-effective systems for improving healthcare hygiene to reduce transmission of infectious pathogens.

The Chess Division provides consulting services to hospitals, architects, interior designers, infection prevention professionals, medical equipment and furnishings companies, and industrial design firms.  Assignments involve new product development and technology transfer; marketing and market research projects;  and systems-based programs for the built environment that incorporate inherently antimicrobial surfaces with cleaning protocols to improve healthcare hygiene.

CHESS Services:

    • Consulting
    • Market & Business Development
    • Market Research
    • Product Solutions
    • Clinical Trials
    • Testing

      Healthcare Related Presentations and Publications