What we do

Our research services concentrate in the areas of market research, strategic planning and business development including:

  • Identifying new product and market opportunities
  • Evaluating sales, distribution and pricing strategies
  • Developing strategic business and marketing plans
  • Assessing potential acquisitions or new ventures

Business and Marketing Research and Analysis covers the intelligence gathering necessary to support strategic decisions for new product development, sales and distribution planning, such as:

  • Market size, trend, location
  • Customer needs, desires, attitudes
  • Competitive situation
  • Distribution channels
  • Investment and returns
  • Performance and features
  • Models, sizes, extent of line
  • Pricing / Strategy
  • Timing
  • Suitability

Market Expansion Analysis studies assess new markets for present products or services, product and company searches and acquisitions.

  • Company image / Customer attitudes
  • Existing market expansion
  • New markets for present products
  • New products / Acquisitions
  • Product modification
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Sales and distribution planning
  • Search and evaluation

Image, Attitude and Branding studies evaluate companies, products, and services from the perspective of customers, potential customers, distributors and investors are used to capitalize on, strengthen and correct weaknesses.