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About our firm

For companies seeking growth, we have been providing experienced, professional marketing research and marketing, product and strategic business planning assistance for more than 30 years in areas of:

  • New products or acquisitions.
  • Development of new markets for present products.
  • Expansion of existing markets.

We focus on business-to-business commercial, industrial and high-tech products, materials and services, and on certain consumer products.  Our highly professional, personalized services stress:

  • Survey and research to provide a firm foundation for strategic decisions.
  • Evaluation of present and potential growth and profitability scenarios.
  • Recommendations focused on client objectives.
  • Follow-through  ... ... Back


What we do

Business and Marketing Research and Analysis to cover the intelligence considered necessary to support strategic decisions, including::

  • Market size, trend, location...
  • Customer needs, desires, attitudes...
  • Competitive situation...
  • Distribution channels; marketing methods...
  • Investment and returns...
  • Suitability to company objectives...

Product Planning  to identify performance and features of new or improved products or services that will conform to customer needs and desires, be competitive and lead.


Searches and Evaluations for:

  • New products or acquisitions.
  • New markets for present products.

Expansion of Existing Markets

  • Customer attitude, company and product image assessments to support company efforts to improve market share.
  • Sales and distribution planning.
  • Improving communication--customers, dealers, servicers, salesmen...

Commercial Development— From product development to market development… Back


Markets and Industries We Serve

We apply to client projects the substantial depth and breadth of experience that we have had in the many industries, and the hundreds of programs that we have helped to develop covering a wide range of products, materials and services.  A partial list of the projects that we have completed in these markets and industries includes:


PROFESSIONAL & TRADE ASSOCIATIONS--  Member Services Evaluations: Membership development, recruiting and retention programs  /  Members needs and expectations  /  Professional interest groups  /  Ethics and privacy issues  /  Professional development and continuing education programs  /  Trade shows, conferences, seminars  /  Digital libraries, databases and membership directories  /  Communications—publications, newsletters, web sites, portals, intranet sites…Industry Studies: Industry markets size and trend  /  Competitive analyses  /  New technologies and applications  /  User or specifier attitude and utilization surveys... Back


COMMERCIAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETS--  Financial, accounting, brokerage and investment management services  /  Architect-Engineer services  /  Publishing services  /  Professional and trade publications  /  Export management services  /  Security rating services  /  Commodity market electronic databank  /  Medical information service  /  Construction information databank  /  Product information services  /  Packaging and industrial design services  /  Coin-Op washer and dry cleaning services  /  Food services  /  Direct mail services  /  Database services  /  Office machine repair services  /  Insurance services ... Back



ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, SENSORS AND CONTROLS -- Instruments and Controls: Analog and digital recorders  /  Chromatographs  /  Electronic test equipment  /  Transducers and switches  /  Programmable logic controllers  /  Solid state motor controls  /  Medical and chemical laboratory instruments  /  Buried pipeline location instrument systems… Telecommunication -- Computerized data transmission  /  Electronic Mail  /  Fiber optics  /  Local area networks  /  Marine radios  /  Telecom tariff services  /  Telemetry equipment  /  Two-way communications systems  /  Telecom wiring devices... Components and Materials: Printed circuit boards  /  High energy capacitors  /  Integrated Circuits  /  Load cells  /  Capacitors  /  PROM's  /  SiC diodes  /  Solenoids  /  Solid state relays  /  Sonic sensors  /  Thermocouples... Opto/Electronics Systems: Closed circuit video inspection systems  /  Electronic scanners  /  Laser vision systems  /  Laser detection systems  /  Vision processors... Back



ELECTRICAL MACHINERY AND PRODUCTS -- Power Generation, Distribution: Air core reactors  /  Cast-coil transformers  /  Coal-fired power equipment  /  Diesel and gas engine generators  /  Flame detectors  /  Gas insulated substations  /  Breakers, busses  /  High voltage insulators  /  Non-flammable, non-explosive transformers  /  Nuclear plant components  /  Power, distribution and secondary substation transformers  /  Steam and gas turbines and generators  /  Steam surface condensers  /  Storage batteries  /  Turbine components  /  Wire and cable... Motors and Generators: DC generators  /  Integral and fractional HP and variable speed motors  /  Servos, synchros, steppers, gearmotors  /  Large motor compressors  /  Variable frequency drives  /  Variable speed, constant frequency generating systems... Lighting Products and Wiring Devices: Circuit protective devices--breakers, safety switches  /  Wiring Devices  /  Emergency lighting  /  Fluorescent lighting  /  Ground fault circuit interrupters  /  Highway warning lights  /  Interior downlighting  /  Lamps (high-intensity discharge, quartz infra-red, sub & microminiature, photo, tungsten-halogen)  /  Marine electrical fittings and wiring  /  Photographic flash units  /  Remote lighting and appliance controls  /  Service entrance panels  /  Telephone wiring devices... Back



BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION - Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilating: Air conditioners (Room systems, Split systems, Central Systems--commercial, industrial, residential)  /  Air distribution and treatment  /  Clean rooms and work stations  /  Computer rooms  /  Humidifiers and dehumidifiers  /  Air cleaners  /  Heat pumps  /  Central heaters: forced air, boilers, oil, gas, electric, infra-red  /  Liquid chillers  /  Refrigeration systems  /  Temperature and humidity controls /Modulating & multi-zone furnaces /... Building Control Systems: Remote (building) control: hvac, fire, smoke  /  Humidity  /  Lighting  /  Security and surveillance  /  Temperature  /  Emergency lighting... Building Products: Metal framing  /  Pre-cast concrete  /  Roofing materials  /  Sheathing and siding  /  Floor covering  /  Electrical entrance and wiring products... Other: Major appliances  /  Building appraisal services  /  Architectural drafting products  /  Construction information services  /  Construction machinery  /  Hand and power tools  /  Surveying instruments  /  Water heaters  /  Elevators  /  Piping... Back



COMPUTERS, SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS -- Computer Software: Water utility system management  /  Electrical construction industry database and software  /  Medical database and software  /  Computer services for wholesalers /Commodity trading  /  Financial investment software /Tax planning software  /  Computerized Federal tax database  /  Microcomputer industry information services  /  Building facilities management  /  Telecommunications industry database  /  CD ROM database service  /  Computer evaluation database  /  Market analysis software  /  Electronic mail system... Computer Systems: Process computers  /  Mini and micro computers  /  Computer terminals  /  Bank automation  /  Computerized warehouses  /  Automatic microbial monitoring  /  Opto-electronics inspection  /  3-D printed circuit board inspection  /  Nuclear power plant computer control  /  Computer output microfilm  /  Printers and plotters  /  BTU measurement (gas pipelines)  /  Automatic marking system (steel mill)  /  Building control, supervisory systems... Back



OFFICE MARKETS -- Copiers and reproduction equipment  /  Calculators (Office, Financial, Engineering)  /  Telephone system products  /  Copier components (lamps, mechanical parts)  /  Environmental controls  /  Custom lighting systems  /  Facsimile machines  /  Printing materials  /  Office equipment service training  /  Extended service warranties  /  Specialty office papers... Back



TRANSPORTATION, DEFENSE AND MACHINERY -- Automotive components  /  Aircraft jet engines and components  /  Aircraft electric power systems, instruments, controls  /  Intercity, tour, charter buses  /  Marine turbines, diesel engines  /  Marine electric systems  /  Flight control systems  /  Helicopter rescue & cargo hoists  /  Helicopter blade controls  /  Space vehicle and missile components  /  Landing gear controls  /  Navigational receivers  /  Telemetry equipment  /  Scan converter tubes  /  Flame detectors for jet engines  /  Rapid transit rail systems  /  Salinity, temperature and depth measurement instruments  /  Servos, synchros  /  Restraint devices (air cargo)  /  Speed sensors  /  High performance flexible hose  /  Aircraft instrument lighting  /  Radiation detection systems  /  Continuous metal cleaning  /  High speed vacuum vapor deposition  /  Water and effluent treatment systems  /  Solid waste collection and disposal  /  Drying systems--textile, paper  /  High vacuum heat treating, electric arc and induction furnaces  /  Steel mill equipment  /  Workplace safety equipment  /  Computerized nuclear plant equipment... Back


MATERIALS MARKETS -- Specialty glass  /  Copper  /  Polyester film  /  Expanded polystyrene  /  Specialty papers  /  Metal cleaning and coating chemicals  /  Water treatment chemicals  /  Silicone materials  /  Polychlorinated biphenyls  /  Fluorides  /  Borosilicate and tempered glass  /  Insulator compounds  /  Thermoplastic elastomers  /  Thermoplastic road marking materials  /  Filtering media  /  Pressure sensitive tapes  /  Plastic packaging  /  Printing materials  /  Controlled atmosphere generation  /  Steel  /  Specialty alloys  /  Disposable hospital wraps  /  Vulcanized fibre  /  Conductive elastomers  /  EMI shielding  /  Laboratory materials  /  Pharmaceutical packaging materials / Anti-microbial materials... Back



CONSUMER PRODUCTS -- Major household appliances  /  TV  /  High fidelity audio  /  Portable and auto cassette recorders  /  Digital clocks  /  Smoke/fire detectors  /  Cameras, enlargers  /  Photoflash equipment  /  Film lab processing equipment  /  Power washers  /  Garden equipment  /  Furniture  /  Tennis rackets and balls  /  Golf clubs, balls, apparel  /  Golf carts (radio controlled)  /  Youth athletic equipment  /  Boating products  /  Child safety devices  /  Handbags  /  Ice skating rinks  /  Soccer /Theme Park products... Back



About our clients

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industry.  We have worked with more than 200 organizations including Fortune 500 and smaller manufacturing, commercial and service firms; and professional and industry associations—and on from 10 to 75 projects, each, for many of the larger organizations.   A representative list of some of the larger organizations for which we have worked with on proprietary projects is noted below.  A more complete list is available on request.  Back

American Chemical Society (ACS)

American Inst. of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)


Armstrong World Industries

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Association for Investment Management Research (AIMR)


Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd. (AECL)

Battelle Memorial Institute


Bethlehem Steel 

Bombardier, Alco Power Division


Canadian Copper & Brass Development Assoc.

Carboloy Systems   

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Services)

Champion International 

Champion Products  

Chomerics, Division of Parker Hannifin

Combustion Engineering Inc.

Copper Development Association (CDA)

Dexter Corporation

Dow Corning    



Edison Electric Institute

Electra Ltd

Electrolux, AB

Fairbanks Morse


Gas Energy Inc./ KeySpan Energy    

Gas Research Institute/GTI      


General Electric Company

General Instrument, Div. of Motorola

Glass Packaging Institute

Griswold Rubber Company, Inc.


Hanwha International 

Helmers Publishing/ID Systems

Hitachi America, Ltd

Honeywell Inc.

Hubbell, Inc.

Idaho Nat'l Eng'g and Environ. Labs (INEEL)

Leeds & Northrup

Lightolier, Inc., Div. Genlyte


McGraw-Hill Companies

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

National Confectioners Association

National Fire Protection Association

New Jersey City University

New York University


Norton Lilly International Inc.

NVF Company

NY State Dept. of Economic Development

Omron Electronics


Panasonic Industrial 



Prentice Hall

Prevost Car Inc./Volvo


Public Service Electric & Gas

Redlands Ltd.

Resistoflex Corp., Div. of Crane

Reviss Services (UK) Limited

Rock-Tenn Company

Rockwell International

Rutgers University


Schott Glass & Scientific Products

Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging

Sharp Electronics Corporation

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc


Square D Company

Stevens Institute of Technology


Techalloy Company, Arcelor Group

Textron Lycoming

The Foxboro Company

Timex Corporation

Toshiba America

TPV Energy Systems

Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

TransTechnology Corporation


Union Carbide Corp.

Uniroyal Chemical

United Water Resources

Virginia Transformer Corporation



White Consolidated


Zeiss Ikon AG

... Back



To summarize:

Our experience and special capabilities include:

  • Marketing planning, surveys and research
  • Techno-economic studies
  • Market development programs
  • Sales and distribution planning
  • Product evaluation and enhancement
  • Customer satisfaction and corporate image studies
  • Search for and evaluation of new products and markets

Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates

Marketing Consultants

208 Lenox Avenue, Suite 337 , Westfield, New Jersey, 07090    

Tel. 973-731-7800     

Email: info@sharpeassociates.com

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